After being on vacation, I wanted to ease myself back into blogging with this short post inspired by a journal article I recently read. I hear people use the teacher/coach analogy a lot in discussions about teaching. Most often, it is used as support for practice in math classrooms used towards developing skills. The analogy has always kinda rubbed me the wrong way but I was never sure exactly why. Ernst von Glasersfeld explains it best:

"Since the days of Socrates, teachers have known that it is one thing to bring students to acquire certain ways of acting – be it kicking a football, performing a multiplication algorithm, or the reciting of verbal expressions – but quite another to engender understanding. The one enterprise could be called “training”, the other “teaching”, but educators, who are often better at the first than at the second, do not always want to maintain the distinction. Consequently, the methods for attaining the two goals tend to be confused."

I have attached the whole article for anyone who wants to read more.

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School is out and summer is officially here. This year, my girlfriend and I have decided to travel to Italy for three weeks! We spend so much time thinking, reflecting, and working during the school year that I am excited to get away for a while and see new things. I won't be writing for the next couple weeks but I have decided to take the opportunity to teach myself something new while I'm away. I'm taking my new toy...
...and since I know nothing about photography...
_I'm sure I'll have plenty to photograph. Hope everyone is enjoying their much deserved summer break!